Bowlby Condominiums

Square Feet10,000

Project Detail

A $1 million investment in the Bowlby Condominiums created a first floor commercial space and one condo spanning each of the second and third floors. These unique condo spaces are described as luxurious, located in a historic building with old world charm.

The condo units offer modern amenities including a whirlpool bath, fireplace, custom floor plan, garage parking, and balcony with a view of the Mississippi River. Bowlby is another great example of redeveloping a forgotten structure into practical space for downtown dwellers.

Financing sources include: City of Rock Island, Development Association of Rock Island, and MWABank.

Interesting Fact: Bowlby Condos is named in honor of Bowlby Music—a music store that operated for 20 years in downtown Rock Island. The second floor of the three-story Bowlby has a skylight!