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FORWARD is a free online portal that connects local businesses in Rock Island to a comprehensive list of resources—grants, loans, credits, offers, and local incentives. It’s a one-stop shop for recovery programs.

  • Explore dozens of federal, state and local assistance programs.
  • Quickly find resources you are eligible for, based on your business profile.
  • Chat live with a dedicated city staff member.

How FORWARD works

  • Log in with your password (if you have not received one via e-mail, contact us)
  • Review your business profile and settings.
  • Browse the list of resources, filtering by eligibility and type.
  • Apply online and track your progress.


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Serving as the catalyst to stimulate community and economic development in Rock Island.

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Business Development

Serving as the community liaison to new and established businesses that are seeking to locate, start or grow. 

Real Estate Development

Working with area real estate and construction professionals that help guide development projects to take shape in Rock Island.

Economic Development

Leading corporate stakeholders that seek to improve the economic well-being and quality of life for a community by creating and/or retaining jobs and supporting or growing incomes and the tax base.

Moving Rock Island forward for over 30 years

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We see Rock Island as a community that offers an extraordinary opportunity to establish a business, that has a wide variety of exceptional places to live, and contains many enjoyable ways to spend our free time.


To serve as the catalyst to stimulate community and economic development in Rock Island.


  • Inclusivity: we provide knowledge, guidance and resources to all members of the community regardless of their race, color, national origin, spiritual belief, age, gender, sexual orientation, and/or physical ability.
  • Respect: we are respectful to all persons engaged in starting, owning and operating a business, and promote the community as an enjoyable place to live, work and play. We encourage entrepreneurs and business owners of all levels of experience and expertise to participate.
  • Empowerment: we work to give our members and community the resources they need to make a difference in Rock Island.
  • Collaboration: we work together by sharing knowledge, learning from each other, building consensus towards a common goal for community change. We believe that collaborating generates greater resources to reach a superior result versus working alone.
  • Accountability: we are accountable for our actions. We educate and encourage our community stakeholders to become better stewards of buildings, active business participants in community affairs, and thereby creating the Rock Island experience.

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